We hope we have created an inclusive and enjoyable holiday experience. We'd love to welcome you to the farm.

Inclusive glamping?

Thank you for considering a holiday with us.  Our site is perched on the side of a hill which brings with it a few challenges.  We have tried to overcome as many of them as possible in the hope that we can offer a really accessible glamping experience.

You will find a list below of the adaptations we have made and the equipment we have.  A 3D scan of Enfys can be found here.

Whilst we are very happy to discuss things you may need either by phone or email or good old fashioned post, we hope we have provided enough information for you make an informed choice about whether a holiday with us is for you.

If you have questions, comments or just fancy a natter about what there is to do locally please do get in touch.  We have also created an accessible things to do page to give you a few ideas of what's around locally here.

We appreciate that people with disabilities often have to pay a premium for goods and service so we offer a 10% discount code those guests that require our adapted tents in order to come on holiday.  The discount code is 'Inclusive Glamping' and is valid for stays in Enfys and Dyffryn.

We have insulated Enfys and Dyffryn with sheep's wool, stud walls and a super foil roof and added electricity throughout the tents, but if you would like to find out more about one manual wheelchair users experience before we did that you can read about it here.

If you would like to explore Enfys in more detail we have a 3D tour here

The safari tents

We have five safari tents onsite, two of them (Enfys and Dyffryn) have been specifically designed to be as accessible as possible but depending on your needs you may find the other three are also suitable.

Enfys Safai Tent

Enfys has step free entry with level thresholds throughout, sliding doors, level access wet room with non-slip floor, handrails and folding adjustable shower chair (Max user wight 160kg/25 stone).  It has a dedicated disabled parking space alongside the tent and gently sloping ramped access onto the outside covered deck.

This tent sleeps up to six guests in three ‘bedrooms’ - a super-king room (which can be split into singles to make a twin room) a bunk bed room and a double cabin bed.

Dyffryn Safari Tent

Dyffryn has step free entry with level thresholds throughout, sliding doors, level access wet room with a non-slip floor, handrails and fold down shower chair.

It has a parking space 20 meters from the tent and the ground is a sloping path of compacted gravel (please note this is an unfinished surface and although compacted it isn’t tarmac, we do get some loose stones on the path especially after heavy rain) and then ramped access onto the outside deck.  Please get in touch if you would like a video of the approach, we have found electric wheelchair users manage the path really well but it is more effort in a self-propelled manual wheelchair for Dyffryn.

This tent sleeps up to six guests in three ‘bedrooms’ - a super-king room (which can be split into singles) a bunk bed room and a double cabin bed.


  • The main train stations are Carmarthen which is 40 minutes away by car to the South and Aberystwyth which is 40 minutes by car to the North.
  • There is a bus service (T1) from both train stations that will drop you in our village which is 1.4 miles from the entrance to our site. There is an accessible request bus service (Bwcabus) that can be booked from the village to our site but this needs to be arranged in advance. Please note if you do arrive by public transport our driveway is very steep and has an unmade surface.  We are happy to send photos/videos of the route down to the tents if you are planning on arriving by public transport
  • Information from our website can be provided in large print
  • Floor plans of all tents are available on request and will be uploaded shortly
  • Bookings can be made via e-mail, letter, telephone or online

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • The tents are situated on a hill on our farm down from the main car park and the vehicle approach is quite steep.  Although entirely manageable in a two-wheel drive car it can feel bumpy at times.
  • There is gently ramped/sloped access from the designated car parking spaces directly to the tent doors
  • Check-in is after 5pm on arrival day and check-out is before 10.30am on departure day. Late checkout available on request
  • On arrival guests will be settled in personally, given a safety briefing and shown how to use our facilities/equipment demonstration.
  • We are happy to give full farm tours
  • The dedicated disabled parking areas have room for unloading and manoeuvring and we are happy to help with unloading luggage and equipment (we are happy to wear masks, gloves and other PPE whilst assisting you if needed)
  • The car parking surface is level and flat and at Enfys leads directly to the wooden ramp to the entrance of the tent, at Dyffryn there is a 20m sloped pathway from the parking space to the tent
  • Outside the tents there are 2.5m x 6m covered decks
  • The main entrance to both tents is level and leads directly from the large covered deck via double sliding doors (1440mm wide) into the living area
  • All tents are single storey with level thresholds throughout
  • The double sliding doors at the entrance to each tent are 1440mm wide (720mm for each leaf but both are free moving and not held in place by bolts/stays.) The handle is a Doc M compliant 300mm long D handle the top edge set at 1300mm high
  • Assistance dogs (and other dogs) are welcome and there is plenty of space for them to exercise

Lounge Area

  • The lounge area is open plan with the adjoining kitchen and dining area, with plenty of space for wheelchair manoeuvring.  The space is more than 1500mm x 1500mm
  • The flooring surface is wooden floorboards
  • The tents are 6m wide and 9.5m long in total
  • There is a leather sofa and a chair in the living room area
  • A floor rug is present but can be removed on request
  • Furniture can be rearranged if required
  • The tents have mains lighting and fridges and a USB charging point
  • We have 3-pin sockets in the tents for wheelchair charging/medical equipment.  Please don't bring hairdryers as they cause the system to cut out.  If any equipment you are bring is particularly high draw please let us know likely power usage as we need to be sure the system can support it.


  • Both tents have a spacious main bedroom with super-king bed that can be split into two singles. They also have one double cabin bed and a room with a bunk bed. The main room and bunk room have adequate turning space for wheelchairs. The double cabin bed is located in the lounge area and requires the use of steps to access it
  • The super-king room allows for left or right hand transfer to the bed(s).
  • When set up as a super king there is 900mm access to the left side, 1200mm access to the right side and 900mm access at the foot of the bed. The bed can be moved to the left or the right and the central partition between the main bedroom and bunk bedroom can be rolled up to create a large 6m wide joint bedroom space
  • A mobile hoist can be hired if required and there is 150mm space under the bed.  The hoist must be booked in advance, and guests need to bring their own sling
  • Bed height is 575mm to the top of the mattress but can be lowered to 425mm if we know in advance
  • Both bedrooms have sliding doors that lead directly into a shared wetroom
  • The wet room is level access
  • A hoist can be used in the super king bedroom and wet room


  • Door widths to the wet-room are 800mm wide. There is a large amount of floor space in the bathrooms including a floor space area of 1500mm x 1500mm
  • The toilet is 480mm high including seat and projects 750mm from the wall
  • The toilet and shower are set up for right hand or front transfer, there is a folding shower chair in each tent.  The one in Enfys is adjustable in terms of distance from the shower and height from the floor the chair in Dyffryn is fixed at 480mm from the floor.
  • The shower riser is adjustable with a 2m long hose
  • Water temperature is thermostatically controlled to 40 degrees, although this can be adjusted on request
  • The shower area is 1200mm x 1200mm and is a roll in shower with non-slip floor. There are two shower curtains but the shower can be used without these if required/preferred
  • There are vertical and horizontal grab rails within the showers at Doc M spec heights
  • There is a hand rinse sink within reach of the toilet and this is set at 740mm from the floor
  • The wet rooms have Doc M compliant handrails
  • The main bathroom sink is 800mm high to the top of the basin, it is 700mm wide, shallow and has a wide rim at the back of the basin with space to roll under
  • We have tried to ensure a good colour contrast between floors, walls, fittings and fixtures, but we struggled to get luminance values from almost all suppliers so have opted for colours that look to contrast as much as we can. We appreciate this isn’t ideal and are happy to discuss/send photos of the visual differences if that is useful, we are also happy to apply contrast tape if that would be a reasonable adaptation for guests.
Image showing adapted bathroom with toilet, hand rinse basin, roll under sink and grab rails
Low level view of bathroom with basin, grab rails and shower chair
Image showing grey flip down shower chair and grab rails
close up of hand rinse basin and grab rail with towel and soap
Image of sliding doors and level deck
Image shoring blue table with a pew seat and chairs and wood burner in the background
Image showing edge of a blue industrial table
Image showing super king bed with white linen and blue throw
Image showing door sliding system and level access threshold
Image showing edge of a blue industrial table


  • The kitchen/diner and lounge are open plan allowing easy access.
  • There is Free floor space in the kitchen area of 1200mm x 1200mm.
  • The slate worktop is set at 900mm from the floor with a roll under sink and a shallow basin
  • There are two pull out work surfaces set at 780mm high
  • There are open shelves and a fridge in the kitchen as well as a pull along/movable kitchen organiser and a sensor operated bin
  • There is a movable single ring camping gas burner for use in the kitchen
  • In the living area there is a wood burning range cooker/fire with side opening doors and a warming plate/hob on the top. The top of the stove is 800mm from the floor

Dining area

There is a large dining room table with chairs and a pew for seating, the table is set at 780mm high and has been designed with wheelchairs users in mind so the legs and frame of the table are set back to allow space for kick plates etc

Additional Equipment

There is a small range of equipment that can be borrowed free of charge, or we can hire additional items from our local mobility supplier.

Items available to borrow

  • Moveable and adjustable freestanding shower chair (Etac with removable arms & back. Max user weight 160kg/25 Stone)
  • Perching stool
  • Grippa pillow alarm
  • Boomerang shaped transfer board

Outdoor Facilities

  • Leading directly from each cabin there is a spacious decking area 6m x 2.5m with tables and chairs overlooking the beautiful Welsh countryside
  • There is a raised fire pit just outside each tent
  • Guests are welcome to come on animal rounds to feed the animals in the morning
  • There is a flat compacted gravel path around the pond but it is worth noting that a small section of the route from the glamping field up to the pond is quite steep (2-3m section)
  • In the glamping field there are sloping compacted gravel paths but our site is undulating in nature so they are not level

Nearest Shop

  • There is a small honesty shop on site which has a freezer stocked, there is level access to the outside doors of the shop but there is currently a 10mm lip on the threshold.
  • We are looking into internal threshold ramps/remodelling the doors to create level access
  • Tesco, Asda and local deli Watson & Pratts deliver to site and we are happy to take in your shopping and have it ready in your tent on arrival
  • The nearest bricks and mortar supermarkets are in Lampeter 6 miles away, both supermarkets have level access and dedicated disabled parking spaces

Potential obstacles

Whilst we have tried to do all we can to make our hilly smallholding more accessible some things we struggled with, didn’t consider or have been unable to think of a solution for.  They are listed here to help you decide whether we are the right place for a holiday for you.  We are always happy to hear suggestions for improvements/solutions and always happy to make additional adaptations if we can.

  1. Steep paths/driveways

The paths/roads on the farm can be steep in places and whilst all are compacted gravel, they are unmade

  1. Gates

During your stay with us we can have all the main access gates open except one.  The main gate to the farm as you come down the drive needs to remain closed other than for access otherwise the unruly animals escape onto the road.  We are very happy to respond to horn beeps when we are on the farm to come and open the gate and are happy to also open the gate at pre-arranged times but there are times when we are off site.

  1. Blinds

Within the tents there are roll up window blinds that tie at the top.  These are not accessible from a seated position and require both hands to roll and tie them.  We are struggling to find a solution to make them accessible.  We are very happy to offer a ‘roll-up/roll-down’ service where we come in at a pre-arranged time and roll them up/down for you.

  1. Bathroom windows

We fitted top opening bathroom windows in the wet-rooms as we didn’t consider until too late the ability for someone to open them.  The bathrooms are fitted with humidistats and extractor fans but it was still an oversight on our part and one we apologise for.

5. Lack of light

Our farm is in a rural area on the edge of a Dark Sky Park, this means it gets very dark at night and we struggle to provide outside lighting for guests.  Inside the tents we have mains lighting.  The bathrooms are well-light and humidity controlled

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Season: open April to End October

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