Do I have to pay extra for that?

We often get asked ‘what’s included’ when guests book with us, some of our most common questions are below,

  • Shall we bring bedding? – Nope, bedding, bedlinen and towels are all included
  • But what about firewood? – All included
  • Even for the hot tubs? – Yep
  • Shall I bring a BBQ? – Nope, you have a firepit with a tripod& BBQ platter right outside your tent
  • What about charcoal? – You can bring some but we suggest you cook on the amazing hardwood logs we provide, and they’re included
  • I’d like my hot tub lit before we arrive, how much is that? – included

We include washing up liquid, sponges, tea towels, toilet rolls, surface cleaner – you get the idea.

We have travel cots, highchairs, bed guards, shower chairs, spare dog bowls which you can just borrow, no charge.

What we mean is there isn’t a lot that you get charged extra for, we have tried to minimise that checkout feeling of thinking you have a bargain holiday only to be met with a huge list of ‘add ons’ for things that we feel really should come as part of the package.

You can also join Dan on animal rounds in the morning and you get all our local tour guide knowledge and some questionable ‘facts’ about chickens for free 😊A copper coloured chickens

So what do I get charged extra for?

Dogs are charged at £10 per stay.

Anything we have to hire in you’ll get charged for, profiling beds, bouncy castles, caterers etc.

We generally tell people to bring food & drink, clothes, wellies, toiletries, a torch and towels for the beach, we hope we have provided everything else x

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