Glamping with us – an adventure not a chore

We are lucky enough to get quite a lot of enquiries from first time glampers and campers.  The question that they all want to know is ‘exactly how like camping is it?’.  There is a huge range of choice in the glamping market and every site offers a different service so it’s a really valid question.

The way I generally answer is;

‘glamping with us is enough like camping to be an adventure but not enough to be a chore’


As it is a question that crops up a lot I thought it was worth describing our Canvas & Campfires safari tent experience in more detail.

It’s like camping because you get to,safari tent at sunset

  • Hear the sound of the rain on your roof, on the very rare occasions that it rains in Wales ;).
  • See the countryside right outside, you can open the doors and just take in the views and fresh air.
  • Experience the sound of birdsong as you wake up.
  • Sit around roaring campfires toasting marshmallows.
  • Really relax in your surroundings.
  • Cook and dine alfresco (if you wish).
  • See incredible night skies.
  • Marvel at spectacular sunsets.

So essentially you get all the good bits of camping. That is pretty much where the similarity with camping ends however.

Our safari tents lodges are different to camping because,

It’s easy

  • You don’t have to pitch your own tent or bring endless supplies for all possible scenarios.
  • There is no walking across a dewy field at 4am because you need a pee (there is a flushing toilet in your tent).
  • Because you can stand upright in the tent there’s no tripping over your pants trying to get dressed whilst bent double!
  • All of our tents have a kitchen area with proper sink and running water, so you don’t have to take buckets of washing up across the field to queue at the washing up point in the rain.
  • There is no need to cook outside (although you are very welcome to), all the tents come equipped wood burning stoves that have ovens and hot plates as well as a single ring gas burner for when an instant cup of tea is a must.
  • All tents have fridges so no gambling with slightly warm milk in your tea.

It’s comfortableThe comfy king sized bed in the tents

  • You get to sleep in proper, comfy, beds. We chose amazing Hypnos mattresses and super cosy Baavet duvets to give you a brilliant night’s sleep.
  • There is a toasty 8kw Chilli Penguin wood burner in each of the tents. A copious supply of dry wood and plenty of firelighters, so no hunting around gathering sticks to keep yourselves warm.
  • All tents have mains power lighting. So no fumbling around in the dark if you need a wee or glass of water in the night.
  • Our safari tent lodges all have luxurious duvets, blankets and hot water bottles so you should never be cold.
  • Enfys and Dyffryn are insulated with internal walls lined with sheep’s wool and superfoil roofs.
  • You can relax on a comfy sofa, eat at a dining room table and rummage around in honesty shop for a board game or two.
  • You don’t get ‘tent sweat’ in the morning as the safari tents are made of canvas not plastic.
  • You can eat and drink with proper crockery, cutlery and glassware. No need to compromise on drinking wine out of plastic or collapsible glasses.
  • If you get wet on your adventures you can warm up in a steaming hot shower (in the shower block just across the field for Seren, Afon and Aderyn.  Or in your very own wet room for Enfys and Dyffryn), and dry yourselves and your clothes out in front of the log burners.
  • If it the winds begin to blow our tents have been tested to remain secure in up to 75mph winds, an awful lot more than most family tents could withstand.
  • We regularly have children miss the animal rounds at 8am because they are sleeping in, as the tents have thick canvas blinds, so no being woken at 5am by the rising sun.
  • You can admire the view from your covered deck with the log burner at your back and a glass of wine in hand.

So, like I say, all the best bits of camping with none of the arduous tasks.

Come and give glamping a try in our beautiful corner of Wales.  Have we convinced you? Why not check our availability for your next adventure

Because glamping should be #AnAdventureNotAChore

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