Local Nightlife – away from it all

a crackling fireLocal nightlife

We have adjusted to life in the country far more quickly than I could have imagined. At night time the difference is probably the most stark. Gone is the Friday night karaoke session drifting over the back fence with Bristolian Tom Jones and Shirley Bassy wannabes. Gone is the sound of sirens charging down the Gloucester Rd, the drunk party-goers on their way home. The noises have been replaced by silence, the sound of the wind and the occasional rustling of wildlife in the undergrowth.

The difference in noises is one thing but the real eye opener (quite literally) has been the sky, it seems bigger here and more impressive somehow, I notice it now in a way I never did before. The sun sets on the opposite side of the hill and the light at dusk is incredibly beautiful. When you step out onto the farm at night, it is dark, properly dark, the kind of dark where you struggle to see your hand in front of your face. When the moon is out it is quite literally illuminating and the night skies are astonishing.

We love it here, and whilst the local pub is a little further away, I think the rest of the nightlife more than makes up for it. Here’s to long summer evenings around the campfires, learning the names of all those incredible constellations and perhaps we might be tempted to whip out a guitar and belt out a cheesy tune in honour of Friday night karaoke!

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